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Yoojeong & Sohhee


Metal sheet folding hanger​​​​​​​

Category Clothes hanger 

Material Aluminum

Dimension 397 x 233 x 28

Finishing Anodizing


Conventional hangers are prone to bending and being discarded when hanging their clothes. 

We wanted to use metal sheet folding to create a hangover that they don't want to throw away. 

Paper mock-up


Models were developed in various shapes and sizes with different thicknesses of the metal sheets.

We also tried to find the best angle to hang all the clothes. 


Sheet metal becomes stronger when they are folded. 

Therefore, folding structure using sheet metal can be a product which need to hold or stand with the weight of something. 

From the idea, I studied folding structures which can be a hanger. 

The goal was to design a hanger using very thin sheet metal. 


This detail shows the aesthetic side of the cutting face.

User scene 

When you hang your clothes on the hanger, the weight of the clothes

makes two parts of the hangers push each other and bear the weight of the clothes. 

Therefore, you can hang the clothes stably. 

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