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Gimbal Griptok for Personal Creator

As the number of single creators increases, more and more users are using gimbal stands to horizontally prevent shaking during filming. However, it is a product that is difficult to purchase for early creators due to the large volume and price of the gimbal. The gimbal grip tok is a slim size gimbal grip tok design that you don't have to carry around separately.

Study the Structure of Gimbal

detects even minute movement using a gimbal that levels and a small gyroscope called an inertial measurement device IMU.

The brushless motor at each turning point corrects movement momentarily when walking, 

jumping, or moving, keeping the smartphone in a stable position.


With the increase in single creators, you can see everyone starting to produce videos. Now, videos have become as common as photos. 

However, it is not easy to take a video. One of the common problems experienced by users who start filming for the first time is the shaking of filming and the difficulty caused by horizontal imbalance. Despite filming hard, it may shake severely or be out of level when checking later, and even get motion sickness if you keep looking at the screen.


A gimbal that corrects the level and shaking.

But compared to smartphones, it's bigger and heavier.

The gimbal is a video assistant that prevents shaking when you hold the camera with your hands.

It is a specialized equipment that is frequented by users who shoot.

However, one-person creators who start making early videos due to problems such as the large volume, 

weight, and high price of gimbals are worried about purchasing gimbals.

Test the Size & Usability

We conducted a process of testing and verifying the size and usability of the product through prototyping using 3d printing.

Wireless Connecting with Apple's Mac Safe

Based on Apple's Mac safe technology, 

strong magnets on the back of your smartphone can be attached and linked at once without wires.

Gimbal Scriptok connects easily and quickly to the user's cell phone. 
After attaching through a magnet which is on the back of the smartphone, simply can connect on the screen to pair with this product.

Various Angles of rotation

It supports rotation of various angles using the gimbal's gyro sensor. Users can keep the angle in any direction they want.

We found a number of inconvenient usability that occurs when using gimbals.
First, when using a gimbal, the user must extend the cradle left and right to hold the smartphone in order to fix it with the smartphone.
And the user have to use both hands to widen the cradle and raise the smartphone at the same time.
Both hands of the user are busy, and in addition, they should be careful not to drop your gimbal and cell phone.

Study Product with Disassembling 

We disassembled existing gimbal products and studied internal parts and components.


The most important thing in the sketching process was to think of the appropriate product form considering both the existing gimbal format and the usability of the grip tok.

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