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​AR Glasses

​AR Glasses for user convenience

by providing various time and space.


We looked at the ergonomic aspects to shape warp. 

In addition, we pursued designs in one language for aesthetic value, 

and for this purpose, various prototypes were conducted.


As User works at home, not at work, the purpose of the existing home, which used to be a house, is expanding, 

and as this situation emerges in the long run, User's lifestyle at home is gradually changing.

AR device type

Since it is a platform that deals with the environment, 

it selects an HMD type that can be accessed from any perspective, 

and a headset type that has a volume to contain high-end parts considering 

that it is a product that will be consumed with immersive content.

UI Process

Based on the situation of telecommuting and working from home, AR technology that can provide various virtual environments based on the situation of working from home is set as the basic content, giving various environmental platforms and experiencing various necessary environments, such as teleporting due to users' simple choices.


Camera for AR glass function.
A speaker that helps users with UX.
It's a controller that delicately adjusts the size of the user.


The product legs are rotated according to user size for customization. 

In addition, it is designed in a structure that can be worn on the forehead 

when the user is not using the product, providing differentiated usability from existing arglasses.

Ergonomic Scale

Based on the head size, a large 50° frame was set through the extension of the point from the eyeball point to the ear bead point and the point where the curve passes near the neck from the protruding point of the back of the head, and details were also approached thinking about the ratio and shape of the head.


Due to COVID-19, the era of untact has come. User is naturally refraining from going out. 
User encountered a situation where people started working from home.


We thought of Metabus as an idea that could provide a new experience while 

clearly distinguishing the space at home. By establishing an 

AR metabus environment, it expands the space of the house to various environments and achieves the core needs of users.

Working mode

Refreshing mode

Relaxing mode

Charging case

It is a case for charging and storage.

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