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Tape Dispenser

ON is a dispenser that can be used freely by adjusting the length of the tape with only One Hand.


For the time when using Scotch tape, I want to design a dispenser that can be used 

freely by adjusting the length of the tape with only One Hand.​​​​​​​


We tested size and usability through prototyping using 3D printing. Through this process, we were able to figure out the best fit.

The hole in the main body can be used to check the remaining amount of tape.


We derived four problems with existing Scotch tapes. 

The first is that you have to use both hands, the second is fingerprint marks and contamination that occur when you remove the tape, 

and the third is that the process of using the tape is long, and the last is that you have to pre-paste pieces 

to nearby objects when you want to use it continuously.


There are two holes in the bottom. The tape from the first hole is pressed and bonded by the rubber pad. 

If you press the button along the cutter sign when the desired length is reached, 

the tape is cut off and can be used continuously, providing free usability.

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