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​DYSON Air purifier for city farm

​Featuring the infinite expansion of the module and its adorable shape, 

this product was motivated by cactus.


The succulent plant, which has a lovely column-shaped stem, is characterized by its strong vitality 

that can grow indefinitely even in a barren environments. 

Featuring the infinite expansion of the module and its adorable shape, 

this product was motivated by cactus.

Module System

The biggest feature is that it can be used in combination of shapes and select an organizer depending on the module system.

You can choose the size you need for the product that you want to clean up among the four sizes of modules.


The previous organizer has multiple items in a single section.
Even if you organize it, it gets messy quickly and it's hard to find things.


In order to set the size of the product suitable for usability 

and establish a module system, we made the prototype using paper.

Storage Space 

Base module : 97 x 97 x 65 (mm)

Module A : 67 x 67 x 114 (mm)

Module B : 51 x 51 x 66 (mm)

Module C : 43 x 10 x 35 (mm)

Stackable Design

Each module can be inserted into the Organizer section, which can be stacked and arranged in various ways.

01 Base Module

The base module is the most central module of this product, which can hold relatively bulky and low-height office supplies.

02 Module A

The highest module A is perfect for storing long writing tools such as pens, ruler, and knife scissors.

03 Module B

Module B can organize short office supplies such as pens and colored pencils.

04 Module C

Module C can store small office supplies such as tongs, erasers, and clips.

Module Variation 

Based on the design characteristics of "infinite expansion", 

the user can create and use various shapes to meet their taste and needs.

Infinite Extensions of Usability

The biggest feature is that it can be used in combination of shapes and

 select an organizer infinitely depending on the module system.

You can categorize the size of the organizer into four and choose the size you need 

for the product you want to organize. By using this product, you can find 

what you want quickly at any time and when you finish use it, 

can organize it easily according to the module.

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