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Chae Yeon


Plogging Band for ECO Running


Design for Plogging


JIP-UP aims to provide a service that combines products and Plogging campaigns to experience health promotion and eco-campaign at the same time.

Eco-friendly Sports brand Meets Plogging

Considering the environment and corporate social responsibility, Nike focuses on the esg management philosophy and produces sports products, and is known as a representative sports brand for men and women of all ages. JIN UP is to popularize the environment by sharing the positive impact of product users with the community by combining the blogging campaign and the nrc app.

Material suitable for plogging

Using a sports band considering elasticity and lightness and a pocket made of PVC material, you can easily see the contents while running.

JIP UP in App

Run the NRC app. You can participate in the campaign through 'JIP UP' running in the NRC app. You can start eco-plogging as soon as you wear the product. When using the existing app, the time and distance of the blogging campaign are recorded according to the route movement. 


After the mission is over, we share a photo of the completion of the blogging campaign with JIP UP. JIP UP Running provides a reward service that grants an icon badge that symbolizes nature to users who complete the certification shot.

Sketches and scale mockups


Various studies were conducted on the shape and wearing method suitable for plogging.

Various ways to wear

It is designed to enable various positions while running by using an armband and a waistband.

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